My sweetheart and I talked about revelations in love and he told me that for him… love was the practice of care. You can find love without deeply caring because our bodies and our brains work together to ensure procreation exists but it is learning to care that creates deeper relationships. I think finding empathy & compassion & kindness for others is one of the greatest ways we share our love.

Maybe it’s the same with self love. It’s the struggle of learning to care for yourself… not just love yourself… that finds you in a healthier, deeper kind of balance in life. Rituals I started in life for myself before I met my partner have started coming back. I am falling in love with my surroundings again instead of feeling exhausted by them. I gift myself flowers and plants so I know I’m deserving of of these beautiful nature creations that give me a deep level of contentment. I try most days to give myself the gift of balance as well.

Simple little thoughts today while I edit this set that I did with Gable – a gorgeous model represented by Goldie Mae Productions in Denver. We shot at a location that is full of wistful memories for me as a child. Gable was extraordinary to work with and I am so grateful for her vulnerability, strength & elegance in this set.

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