In December I flew to Virginia for the first time in my life to photograph a wedding alongside Brittany Renee Photography. As a documentary wedding photographer (she is as well!) I’m so grateful so asked me to photograph this wedding with her. I had such an incredible time working with her & with her couple & it was one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever photographed.

I knew the moment I landed in Richmond that I was going to love my time there. Trees everywhere, lush greens still all over even in winter. Vines growing everywhere and the architecture. Yes. Give me more of this architecture! It’s all so different than our Colorado landscape & building & sometimes it’s really good to be able to appreciate new ways to photograph people. 

Brittany & I started our adventure with Cabell & Bo by photographing their rehearsal dinner which was filled with all the people that love them most. It was such a great introduction for the next day. We were able to start the day already having met so many of the people closely involved in their wedding that it felt like we were immersed in these amazing connections they all had. 

Cabell & Bo really wanted to have a fun wedding with their friends. They didn’t want their friends to be subjected to awkward posing or having the typical “bridal party” duties that we all think of. And they wanted their wedding to be fun. They wanted a big dance party. 

A few things that made this wedding awesome. 

  1. The bridesmaids all wore character onesies while getting their hair and makeup done.
  2. The groom & groomsmen went to their favorite bar before the ceremony to grab a beer together. They helped each other finish their bowties, shared some laughs & had some beers.
  3. They had their first look without too much flair. They didn’t actually care about the first look. Didn’t care if they saw each other. They just wanted to see each other before their ceremony. They both went to the University of Virginia & they got married at the campus chapel & had their first look at the Rotunda. We had rain for two days straight so the we weren’t able to take full advantage of the beauty of the campus but who even cares when we got the beauty of these two incredible buildings. The university is such a special part of their lives, their relationship & it was pretty amazing to be able to photograph them there. 
  4. Cabell’s sister officiated. And was directed to NOT speak about them being soul mates. And to talk about the real-ness of love, life & relationships. I loved this. They knew they were getting married to each other under real circumstances, not under a cloak of fairy tale romance.
  5. They had a confetti exit! IT WAS AMAZING.
  6. They decided not to have a sit down plated dinner. They didn’t want guests to feel tied to a table so they had food & bar stations throughout and had a rotation of appetizers going at all times. 
  7. They hired an INCREDIBLE band. The Right On Band has performed at the white house & they really knew how to keep the party going all night. The band had us (the photographers) get up on stage with them to photograph the guests and I’m not joking when I say I felt like I was at a concert. Everyone was yelling to be photographed & LOVED IT.
  8. THEY HAD WIGS. They pulled out BRAND NEW WIGS for their guests to wear on the dance floor & IT WAS AMAZING.
  9. They LOVE each other. They LOVE their family. They LOVE their friends. Brittany & I tried to be as documentary as possible in photographing this wedding and the emotion, the laughter, the happiness we got in return was incredible. 
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