Denver Family Photographer – Real Connection

I remember the feel of the grass between my toes & laying underneath my grandmother’s willow tree and catching the glitters of sun spilling between the leaves. I remember the smell of the books my mother would bring home from the library. The wallpaper on our dining room wall that has left a solid love of orange in my life. I remember the feel of my horse’s mane between my fingers & the way it felt when we would run together between the trees at the fairgrounds. I keep a perfume titled “Horse” that gives me all the nostalgia of being in a hay barn.

As a Denver family photographer I enjoy capturing moments and telling a story that is organic and all about you and your family. I want your children to have the moments of their childhood to look back on just as much as I want you to have memories of them in that moment. These moments are special and fleeting. I have more of a lifestyle approach to family photography. My goal in each session is to capture the honesty of the connection you have with your loved ones.

When I look at old photo albums it isn’t the images of stale studio set ups where we all tried our best to have perfect smiles that I am drawn to. It is the images of us being us that give me a thrill of memory, the tiny butterflies that catch in your stomach with the nostalgia of a moment. It’s the snap shots & the connection & the real smiles. These are the reasons I photograph people. It isn’t for the perfection of a moment, it’s for the connection.

If you are interested in creating a session that is custom to you and your loved ones I would love to sit down with you and hear about your family’s interests and the things that connect you so we can put together a lifestyle session that is specific to who you are. I can’t wait to work with you!

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