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Awhile back I headed down south for a gorgeous Woodland Park wedding at a gorgeous newer venue called The Edgewood Inn that has a beautiful home-y feel with breathtaking mountain views. It was the perfect setting for this beautiful intimate wedding day that I photographed with Brittany Renee Photography. Brittany is one of my most […]

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About a month ago I met with Allison & Rob for their Denver maternity session & it was pretty magical. They drove up from Colorado Springs to spend an evening with me in some gorgeous evening light & my favorite river in Denver for their maternity session. The Bear Creek greenbelt has always held a […]

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As a Denver headshot photographer who craves something more than the basic white backdrop corporate headshot feel, I sometimes have to get creative, especially when clients are interested in a bit more of a portrait rather than just a headshot. I really love photographing career minded people as well as Denver creatives and especially love […]

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Today I’m taking a look back at this time last year when Ceila contacted me about her mountain maternity session. She told me that she had looked at tons of portfolios and her choice was me! I’m always so incredibly honored and surprised when my clients tell me that. There is SO MUCH talent in […]

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